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Sweetwater Woman's Club
Monthly Hours / Contributions Report

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The motto of the GFWC is:
It’s a Volunteer Thing!
Women’s clubs around the country align activities and events
with seven main GFWC areas:

  • GFWC Signature Project: Domestic Violence Awareness and Prevention
  • Arts
  • Conservation
  • Education
  • Home Life
  • International Outreach
  • Public Issues
In addition, there are six GFWC Advancement areas that also guide and support club business and activities:
  • Communications and Identity
  • Fundraising
  • Leadership
  • Legislation and Public Policy
  • Membership
  • Women’s History Resource Center (WHRC)

But, do you really know how many volunteer hours you contribute to SWC activities, projects, and business through participation and leadership?  The SWC Monthly Hours / Contributions Report form was developed to capture individual hours easily each month thereby simplifying preparation of the year-end Annual Report.

Either the Monthly Hours / Contributions Form or the Hours / Contributions Log is easy for members to use while capturing the hours in a format that is useful for reporting and grant writing.  Recording hours is easy when it’s a committee meeting or event.  But don’t forget to include the time you spent preparing for the event or activity, making phone calls, and e-mailing for the cause.
Do you have hours you just don’t know where to put?  Try to think about what you were supporting during that time and record it in the category most closely related.  Refer to WHERE TO REPORT for a list of GFWC /CFWC departments and corresponding SWC programs, events, and activities.  If there isn’t a close match, use the section at the bottom of the form to record those hours and describe what you did. 

The Hours / Reporting Chairperson will organize and tabulate the monthly forms, clarify any questions about where to categorize questionable hours, and assist in compiling the SWC year end Annual Report.

January through December - Complete a form each month
and turn in the following month or at the end of an event or activity.               
Develop a system that works for you!
Sweetwater Womans Club Reporting

    CLICK HERE to download Monthly Hours Report Form                           
    CLICK HERE to download Hours / Contributions Log
    CLICK HERE to download IRS Fair Market Guidelines

One-time Event such as the February Reporting Workshop:
The leader explained the GFWC Report process for 13 members, distributed and discussed forms, and answered questions.  The leader accounted for member participation, length of time at the workshop, leader preparation time, and the value of the donated refreshments on the Hours / Contributions Log and turned in the form for the group.  No individual reporting required.  Over and done!
Totals:  13 members plus prep time for 16 hours with $25 for wine and cheese refreshments.

Ongoing Event or Activity such as the NeedleNuts:
The group preferred to have the chairperson record information for the whole group January through December including the number of participants, hours, items knitted and crocheted, details on distribution of items, and value of purchased or donated yarn and other materials.

The chairperson determines whether or not to report for the group or have members report individually.

Helpful Hint - Keep the form close to the phone or desk where you do SWC work.  Write down your minutes or hours immediately when you finish your work.  When you return home from a meeting, activity, or other club business, get in the habit of recording your hours immediately.  At the end of the month, total your hours, fill out the form, and turn it via mail or at the General Meeting.  Extra forms will be available at the General Meetings or to print from the SWC website.

The SWC Leadership Team invites you to take a moment to read the forms and think about your role in SWC to begin tracking your service hours.  Let us know if you have any questions or suggestions for improving the process.  Reporting to GFWC / CFWC at the end of the year will more accurately reflect just how much volunteering really does take place at the Sweetwater Woman’s Club!


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